Good enough to eat.

He is the Devil.

Why did Fuller show the fight scene between Jack and Hannibal at the beginning of the season?

Not to criticize the almighty, but I feel like there would have been several great cliffhangers and moments of suspense where we actually wondered about Hannibal’s fate if we hadn’t seen it. At the end of episode four I found myself certain that Beverly was a goner because I knew that Hannibal hadn’t had his fight scene yet. Even in the most recent episode I wasn’t worried about the outcome when Hannibal was strung up in the swimming pool because I knew he had to live. Of course we still don’t know if Jack or Hannibal wins the actual fight, but I feel like there was a lot of potential that wasn’t reached.

"If you want him… you’ll have to kill him."

"It’s better that it’s just the two of us."



God always stays ahead. 

Beverly is a forensic investigator. She has taken samples from charred corpses and women mounted on stag heads without so much as a grimace. She has made a quip about shitakes while walking over decomposed bodies that had been used to grow fungus.

Yet whatever she saw in that basement struck her enough for her to lose her breath and quake with fear or shock.

I really want to know what is in Hannibal’s basement.